Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Special quotes that go along with each chapter.

     (At the beginning of each paragraph of Ty Gibson's book, he added a quote from some little books but were not included within the chapter and because they went along with the chapter so well, I thought I would compile them for you to read now as a summary of the book.)

Chapter 1.  "Love is power.  Intellectual and moral strength are involved in this principle, and cannot be separated from it...Love cannot live without action, and every act increases, strengthens, and extends it.  Love will gain the victory".  2 Testimony 135.

Chapter 2.  "The contemplation of the love of God manifested in His Son will stir the heart and arouse the powers of the soul as nothing else can."
     "Nothing reaches so fully down to the deepest motives of conduct as a sense of the pardoning love of Christ".  DA 478

Chapter 3.  "It is the darkness of misapprehension of God that is enshrouding the world.  Men are losing their knowledge of His character.  It has been misunderstood .  At this time a message from God is to be proclaimed, a message illuminating in its influence and saving in its power.  His character is to be made known.  Into the darkness of the world is to be shed the light of His glory, the light of His goodness, mercy and truth...The last rays of merciful light the last message of mercy to be given to the world, is the revelation of His character."  COL 415

Chapter 4.  "There is not a point that needs to be dwelt upon more earnestly, repeated more frequently, or established more firmly in the minds of all than the impossibility of fallen man meriting anything by his own best good works.  Salvation is through faith in Jesus Christ alone."
FW 19

Chapter 5.  "There are those who profess to serve God, while they rely upon their own efforts to obey His law, to form a right character, and secure salvation.  Their hearts are not moved by any deep sense of the love of Christ, but they seek to perform the duties of the Christian life as that which God requires of them in order to gain heaven.  Such religion is worth nothing. When Christ dwells in the heart, the soul will be so filled with His love, with the joy of communion with Him, that it will cleave to Him; and in the contemplation of Him, self will be forgotten.  Love to Christ will be the spring of action."  SC 44,45.

(I hope you are enjoying these quotes.  At the end of the quotes I will give what the abbreviation stands for in case you want to purchase a book or books that they are in.  These are so powerful I am sure you will benefit from them.  Grandma Joan)

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