Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Faith Of The Paralytic -17 -

This is a great story of faith.  I have often wished that I could have that kind of faith to just get up and walk.  Perhaps I do and don't know it.  It seems such a miracle and yet I remember when my legs were paralyzed and couldn't move them and this one morning I was talking to God about my condition and I told him I would like to be well but if it wasn't his will, it was OK with me and I noticed that the pain was gone in my back and I sat up and then I stood up and fell back on the couch which I had been laying in traction on for 11 days.  My husband walked in about then and I had him check the swelling on my spine and it was gone.  With him standing there, I walked and was so amazed at what God had done.  I was totally well.  That was probably 30 years ago.  I have a deteriorating hip now and can barely walk if I'm careful.  I would love to feel His touch again, I would be so grateful.  If you wouldn't mind, I would really appreciate your prayers to be relieved of the pain I'm in, in my back and hip.  I believe God has a plan for me to fulfill and I want to be able to do it.  Thank you.  Now for the paralytic story.

"The paralytic had not used his limbs for many years.  There he was on a mat.  The priests, the rulers, and the scribes examined his case and pronounced it hopeless.  They told him that by his own sin he had brought himself into this condition, and that there was a man called Jesus who was doing mighty works.  He was healing the sick, and He had even raised the dead.  "But how can I go to Him?" he said. "We will carry you to Jesus," his friends replied, "right into His presence; we have heard He has come to such a place."

"And so they took the hopeless man and bore him to where they knew Jesus was.  But the multitude surrounded the building so closely where Jesus was that there was no chance for them not so much as to come in at the door.  What were they going to do?  The paralytic  suggested that they open the roof and take off the tiling and let him down through the roof."

"And so he manifested his earnest faith.  They did it, and he was brought right before Jesus, where He could look at him.  And Jesus as He looked at him, pitied him, and He said, 'Son, thy sins be forgiven thee.'  What a relief came to his mind!  What hope filled his heart!"

"Then the feelings arose in the hearts of the Pharisees, 'Who has this power to forgive sins?  It is God alone that has this power."

"Then Jesus said to them, "That ye may know that the Son of man hath power upon earth to forgiv sins,  (He said unto the sick of the palsy,)  I say unto thee, Arise, and takae up thy couch and go into thy house'  Luke 5:24.  What, take up his bed with his palsied arms!  What, get upon his feet with his palsied limbs!  What did he do?  He did just as he was bidden.  He did what the Lord told him to do.  The power of the will was set to move his palsied limbs and arms, and they responded, when they had not responded for a long time.  This manifestation showed before the people that there was One in their midst that could not only forgive sins but that could heal the sick."

"But the mighty evidence given to the Pharisees did not convert them.  Men can so encase themselves in unbelief, doubt, and infidelity that the raising of the dead would not convict them.  Because of their unbelief they would be in the same unbelieving position, unconvicted, unconverted.  but all those who have a heart to receive the truth and ears to hear, glorify God.  They exclaim, 'We have never see it on this wise before!"  F&W 67 & 68

Lets have a heart to receive the truth and ears to hear it and glorify God.  Also lets have the faith of the paralytic and believe what God says in His word and not let doubt creep in.  I know its hard and I am with the rest of you but we must have it if we want to be with Jesus forever.  Grandma Joan

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