Sunday, September 3, 2017

The Impotent Man & The Brazen Serpent -18 -

The Impotent Man

There was an impotent man, and as Christ talked with him, he told the pitiful story of how, just as soon as he would go down into the water to be healed, somebody else would step in before him.  Christ asked him, 'wilt thou be made whole?'  John 5:6.  What a question!  That was what he was there for, but Christ wanted to call forth the expression of desire in that man's heart to be made whole.  And when Christ bade him to rise, take up his bed and walk, he did just as Christ told him to do.  He did not say, 'Why I have been here thirty years and have not taken a step during that time'  He did not stop to argue, but did just as he was bidden.  He took up his bed and walked out and was healed from that time." F&W 68.

"This is the faith that we need.  But if you stop to explain everything and reason out every point, you will die in your sins, because you will never be satisfied."  F&W 68

The Brazen Serpent

"Here is another case Christ presented before Nicodemus--the serpent that was lifted up in the wilderness--and declared, 'Even so must the Son of man be lifted up'  John 3:14.  And if He is lifted up, He will draw all men unto Him, 'that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have eternal life' (verse 15)  Now just look at that brazen serpent.  The children of Israel had not realized that God had been keeping them by His angels sent to be their help and their protection.  The people had not been destroyed by the serpents in their long travels through the wilderness.  They had been an ungrateful people."  F&W 69.

We are an ungrateful people too.  "We do not realize a thousand dangers that our heavenly Father has kept us from.  We do not realize the great blessing that He has bestowed upon us in giving us food and raiment, in preserving our lives by sending the guardian angels to watch over us.  Every day we should be thankful for this.  We ought to have gratitude stirring in our hearts and come to God with a gratitude offering every day.  We ought to gather around the family altar every day and praise Him for His watch care over us.  The children of Israel had lost sight that God was protecting them from the venomous beasts.  But when He withdrew His hand their sting was upon them."  F&W 69

"What then?  Christ Himself told Moses to set up a pole and make a brazen serpent and put it upon that pole and to raise it in the sight of the Israelites, that everyone who looked upon it might live.  They had no great work to do.  They were to look because God said it should be."  F&W 69

"Now, suppose that they had stopped to reason it out and said, 'it cannot be that by looking at that brazen serpent we will be healed!  There is no life in it!'  But the look of faith did heal them just as God and told them it would.  Those who looked lived.  Those who stopped to argue and explain it died."

"What are we to do?  Look and live.  'And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of Man be lifted up'  (John 3:14).  The reason?  That those who behold Him 'should not perish, but have everlasting life' (John 3:16)."  F&W70

"What kind of faith is that?  Is it to believe simply or is it a faith of admission?  There are many who have that kind of faith.  You believe that Jesus was the Son of God;  but do you have a personal faith in regard to your own salvation?  Do you believe that Jesus is your Savior?  that He died on Calvary's cross to redeem you?  that He has offered you the gift of everlasting life if you believe on Him?"  F&W 70

How do you answer these questions?  I pray that you will believe that Jesus is your Savior and that He died on Calvary's cross for you that He is offering you the gift of everlasting life if you believe on Him.  It's so important in this day when everything is in turmoil, that we have the faith to take us through to be with Him forever.  Let's make that our goal.  Grandma Joan

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