Friday, September 8, 2017

The Overcomers Portion -24-

"Did not our Savior have something to overcome?  Did not He keep up the battle with the prince of darkness until He was a victor on every point?  Then He left the work in the hands of His followers.  We have something to do.  Have we not the overcomers portion, to work out and gain the victory?  Have we not to follow on step by step to know the Lord until we shall know His goings forth are prepared as the morning?  Their light will shine forth until we come to the brighter light.  You will grasp it and go on and gather brighter light from the oracles of God as you supplicate the God of heaven.

Jacob was ensnared.  He defrauded his brother of his birthright.  As he wrestled with Christ, his sins came up before him.  And the angel wrestled with Christ, his sins came up before him.  And the angel wrestled with him and said, 'Let Me go,' and Jacob said, 'I will not let Thee god, except Thou bless me' (Genesis 32:26).

Will you do that?  Will you wrestle with God at this time until you know that He reveals Himself to you?  There are sins that afflict your souls; your sins grieve you.  Will you say; 'Now, Lord, I must have pardon written opposite my name,' and wrestle and plead with God, laying hold upon the righteousness of Christ, 'He must save; I believe in Him; I take Him at His word, 'Now, friends, what shall we do?'

Jacob obtained the victory, and his name was changed that day.  It was when he prevailed with God.  I am  so thankful that God has made a way that we may have full and free salvation.  We need not look at the shadows that Satan casts on our path.  He would eclipse heaven and Jesus and the light and power of heaven to us, and we keep talking of the power of Satan.  but we need not talk of that.  Isaiah presents it this way: 'unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon His shoulder: and His name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of peace' (Isaiah 9:6).  Does not that say that I and My Father are one?

God help us, friends, to wake up and stir ourselves now to do as much as the paralytic did to do as much as the impotent man did and as much as the one with the palsied arm did.  They did just as they were told.  God help us to believe on the Son of God and that He can save us to the utmost, and we shall have everlasting life.

Talk of Christ's love, talk of His power, praise Him.  If you have a voice to say anything, talk of God, talk of heaven, talk of eternal life. "With the heart man believeth unto righteousness, and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation"  (Romans 10:10).  F&W 75 & 76

I want to share something spiritual with you.  You can never, never reason out God's mind, or why He does what He does, or says what He does.  You can't reason out the plan of Salvation.  You can't reason out 'Christ in you the hope of glory', it is all impossible for us to reason out all that God does and says with our meager minds compared to His all-knowing mind.  If you try you will only become discouraged.  If you accept His promises because He made them then you will have peace of mind and be content in your beliefs, as long as they are in accordance with the Bible.  I pray that you will have the wisdom and understanding as you read these posts.  Grandma Joan

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