Monday, June 16, 2014

Something Better

Revelation 22:13  "Let him that is athirst come.  And whosoever will, let him take of the water of life freely."

SC 28  "You in heart long for something better than this world can give, recognize this longing as the voice of God in your soul.  Ask Him to give you repentance, to reveal Christ to you in His infinite love, in His perfect purity.  In the Savior's life the principles of God's law--love to God and man--were perfectly exemplified.
Benevolence, unselfish love, was the life of His soul.  It is as we behold Him, as the light from our Savior falls upon us, that we see the sinfulness of our own hearts.
     We may flatter ourselves, as did Nicodemus, that our life has been upright, that our moral character is correct, and think that we need not humble the heart before God, like the common sinner; but when the light from Christ shines into our souls, we shall see how impure we are; we shall discern the selfishness of our motive, the enmity against God, that has defiles every act of life.  Then we shall know that our own righteousness is indeed filthy rags, and that the blood of Christ alone can cleanse us from the defilement of sin and renew our hearts in His own likeness.
     One ray of the glory of God, one gleam of the glory of Christ, penetrating the soul, makes every spot of defilement painfully distinct, and lays bare the deformity and defects of the human character.  It makes apparent the unhallowed desires, the infidelity of the heart, the impurity of the lips.  The sinner's act of disloyalty in making void the law of God, are exposed to his sight, and his spirit is stricken and afflicted under the searching influence of the Spirit of God.  He loathes himself as he views the pure, spotless character of Christ."

When we are touched like this, the power of God will change our lives and day by day we will grow into His likeness.  This is my prayer for all of us, is it yours?  Grandma Joan

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