Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A New Life

Would you like a new life.  I  was given a little book about a year ago or so and I have read it ten times and each time I find something new and exciting.  The title of the book is, "In the Light of God's Love". It is so powerful I got permission to share it with you at no cost at all.  Of course if you want to buy one, I can tell you where you can get it but otherwise I am going to share it on my blog, if that is OK with you?  I am sure you will say the same thing when you start reading.  I won't make it long and hard to put up with but will share some each day with you and hope it changes your life like it has mine.  The author's name is Ty Gibson and he has given me permission to share it with you and I am so thankful.  Please pray for understanding and wisdom as you read, it takes prayer to get our salvation in the right order, so please pray over each reading.

 So here goes:  "Secret's are for sharing.  Especially divine secrets--the kind that will increase the strength and joy of fellow travelers in their spiritual journey.
     I would like to whisper into your heart a precious heavenly secret that has touched every aspect of my life with its healing, empowering influence.  I call it a secret, not because God has hidden it from us or made it difficult to understand but because some people won't hear it even if it's shouted, while others will hear it as the faintest whisper.
     Simply because some people want to hear it and some don't.
     Maybe you've already heard it and are abiding under its uplifting influence.  Or perhaps you've only given it passing notice rather than the priority status it deserves.  And there's the possibility that you have never heard it al all.  Whatever may be the case, I am eager to share this life-changing secret with you.  Are you ready?  It's profoundly simple, but here it is:
I told you it was simple.  And so it is, but pregnant with transforming potential.  So before you pass it by too lightly, allow me a few paragraphs to enlarge the thought.
      I realize that much of what passes for love in our world doesn't deserve more than a passing glance.  If even that.  For many, love is only an occasional flight or strong sentimental feeling.  In many people's vocabulary love is merely a synonym for sex.  But I'm talking about something entirely different.  Not sentimental love.  Not sensual love.  But divine love--that love which is the sum and substance of who God is in character.

(If you let this little book sink in to your heart, you won't be the same person when you finish reading it.
You will be a new person in Christ.  You may have to buy it and reread it over and over as I have done but it will change your life.)  To be continued tomorrow.  Grandma Joan

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