Friday, October 31, 2014


Do you lack self-respect?  Check this out!!  Good for all of us.

DA 668  "The Lord is disappointed when His people place a low estimate upon themselves. He desires His chosen heritage  to value themselves according to the price H has placed upon them. God wanted them, else He would not have sent His Son on such an expensive errand to redeem them.  He has a use for them, and He is well pleased when the make the very highest demands upon Him that they may glorify His name.  They may expect large things if they have faith in His promises."

Notice the words that we may glorify His name.  That's what He wants us to do, show everyone how much He loves us by glorifying His name.  Is that a hard thing to do?  I don't think so, the only thing that makes it hard is our selfish heart, so we need to pray that our hearts are softened by His Spirit.  I hope this little thought helps your self-respect today, just remember how much He has paid for you!!!!  Grandma Joan

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