Friday, February 20, 2015

Grace, what is it?

"So how should we understand the plan of salvation in these last days of earth's history?  Cheap grace won't do it.  It denies the power of the Holy Spirit to change the life day by day to become more and more like Christ.  Legalism won't do it.  It blocks the only way to salvation--total dependenc on Jesus Christ, our only way to salvation.  A higher critical approach won't do it.  It destroys the very miracle of conversion and sanctification, and strips God's salvation of its power to change lives.

It is Christ's all-encompassing righteousness of justification and sanctification that will save, change, and nurture us into true disciples of Christ.  It is something that Jesus does both for us and in us.  Through His grace, we can have divine power and His character as we are made more and more like Him.

We are told that righteousness by faith is the very core of the three angels' messages, in Revelation 14.  What a privilege to urge people to turn back to the true worship of God acknowledging His all-encompassing righteousness and salvation.  The culmination of Christ's saving grace and righteousness will be to welcome Him at His second coming--proof to the world of His justifying salvation and ability to change our lives through His sanctifying power.

What a day that will be!!!!  End of article by Pastor Ted Wilson.

Are you ready?  You will be if you just follow the plan that is laid out for us in the Scriptures.  How hard is it to just give in and let God have His way in our lives?  Are we too selfish to let Him have full sway in our lives?  I hope not, it really is easier to be saved than to be lost, as the one pastor put it.  I realize all the trauma and heartache that we go through when we don't let Christ have full sway in our lives.  That is the hard life.  The easy life is to let go and let God have His way.  Grandma Joan

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