Monday, February 9, 2015

Will Worship, What Is It?

I am very, very particular about what I believe, I was led astray once and I don't want it to happen again.  Satan is very subtle in his business of causing us to lose our way on our Spiritual journey.  I thought I was headed in the right way, and I really was, but someone brought us a video to watch and I was so upset with the video that I thought about smashing the TV, not that that would have helped but then through a relative, they brought another, and another until we were convinced that we were wrong and this guy was right.  So for four years we went the way of Satan's leading.  We never left our belief in God and I still had my worships but I was seeing and hearing things that I knew in my heart was not right and it took a rude awakening to set us on the right track again and we were rebaptized and are still following the Scriptures and learning day by day truths that are so wonderful, I wonder how I ever got misled, so please don't let Satan convince you of things that are contrary to Scripture.  He is good at it and doesn't care about your soul.  Following is an example of a false theory that many have swallowed to their utter destruction and do not know it.

"God's law is the great standard of righteousness and this is a warning against modern, counterfeit sanctification which has it's origin in will-worship rather than in submission to the will of God.  (Will-worship is following ones own will or the will of another pastor or person)  This error is fast flooding the world, and as God's witnesses we shall be called to bear a decided testimony against it.  It is one of the veriest delusions of the last days and will prove a temptation to all who believe in the Scriptures as the perfect will of God.  Those who have not their faith firmly established upon the Word of God will be misled.  And the saddest part of it all is that so few who are deceived by this error ever find their way to the light again.

The Bible is the standard by which to test the claims of all who profess sanctification.  Jesus prayed that His disciples might be sanctified through the truth, and He says, 'Thy word is truth', John 17:17.  'Thy law is truth', Psalm 119:142.  All whom God is leading will manifest a high regard for the Scriptures in which His voice is heard.  The Bible will be to them 'profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works', 2 Timothy 3:16.  'Ye shall know them by their fruits', Matthew 7:16.

We need no other evidence in order to judge of men's sanctification, if they are fearful lest they shall not obey the whole will of God, if they are listening diligently to His voice trusting in His wisdom, and making His Word the man of their counsel, then, while they make no boasts of superior goodness, we may be sure that they are seeking to attain to perfection of Christian character.  But if the claimants of holiness even intimate that they are no longer required to search the Scriptures, we need not hesitate to pronounce their sanctification spurious.  They are leaning to their own understanding instead of conforming to the will of God."  F&W 51,52.

(Grandma Joan's remarks)  I always wondered what 'will-worship' meant until I read this and it is made quite clear.  I hope you understand it this morning much better than you ever have.  We don't want to be worshiping our own will and not following the will of God.  That would be disastrous.  May God help us all to stay connected to Him by asking Him to fill us with His fullness and then we won't be led astray by our own will or that of another.  God bless you this morning in your worship of Him who gave His life for you.  Grandma Joan

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