Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Humility after Submitting

Hello Friends, I want to tell you a little story about humility.  I had a young friend that was always asking for advice from me and I was very willing to give it.  One day she asked me a  question and as always I was there for her and to give her my opinion or advice.  I don't remember what the question was but I do remember what her answer to me was after receiving my advice.  She said, ' You always have an answer don't you?'  At that moment, I didn't have anything to say, it struck me that I was always willing to give my advice and should have been giving her godly advice and that I had a bit of pride that I needed to remedy.  I NEEDED HUMILITY.

Micah 6:8  "He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with your God."

The Lord's requirements are:  'to do justly'.  It means to do what is morally right, to be fair, to deal honestly, to do righteously.  Sometimes I don't think before I speak and it comes out all wrong. So it might do me some good to think before speaking.  'To love mercy' to have compassion, give grace, to show kindness.  Always show kindness with love and forbearance. It sounds so easy, but is it?  "To walk humbly with your God.'  Every day submit to His will for the day, that's what it is to walk humbly with your God, surrender your day and plans to Him, how hard is that?  Well, it is pretty hard for those of us who are use to doing our own thing all the time without thought to what He might want us to be doing.  Yet, I have found that if I submit to His will every morning, I CAN walk humbly with my God, but if I forget, Oh my, how I love my own way and my own will and it ALWAYS gets me into trouble.  Have you discovered that?  It really is a great discovery and causes me to want to do His will and not my own.  My own is always a disaster in some form or another.

So my young friend taught me a good lesson that day that I have reviewed over and over again.  Before giving advice, ask God to give you His advice and the reception will be much different, specially if they know you have asked God's advice first before answering.  Humility is a great asset and comes along after submitting your will to Him first, then, you can walk humbly with your God.  Do you agree?

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