Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Daily Needs

All creation has needs, we have needs, the animals have needs, so do the birds, and vegetation needs food and water too.  Some needs are greater than others, but a need is a need great or small.

Psalms 145:15,16  "The eyes of all wait upon Thee; And Thou givest them their meat in due season.  Thou openest Thine hand, and satifiest the desire of every living thing."

SC 9  "Nature and revelation alike testify of God's love.  Our Father in heaven is the source of life, of wisdom , and of joy.  Look at the wonderful and beautiful things of nature.  Think of their marvelous adaptation to the needs and happiness, not only of man, but of all living creatures.  The sunshine and the rain, that gladden and refresh the earth, the hills and seas and plains, all speak to us of the Creator's love.  It is God who supplies the daily needs of all His creatures.

Don't you just love all nature, the birds, I love the birds and animals, even fish.  I love goldfish and Koi, they are so beautiful.  My favorite spot is outdoors in God's beauty.  We can beautify our homes but God's beauty surpasses everything in my opinion.Then there are the trees, shrubs, flowers, gardens.  So much and it all comes from our Creator.  Let's not forget to thank Him for all He does for us.  Grandma Joan

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