Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Changing My Blog -Looking to Christ

This morning I decided with God's help and direction, to change my blogging to 'Favorite Texts' and 'Favorite Commentaries'.  So from now you will read my favorite text that I love and a commentary that goes along with it.  It will be just one text and one commentary.  They will probably be a lot shorter but for the busy person that will fit in.  This will make the texts come to life for you as it does me and I have noticed that I do that a lot in my study and it helps me so much I was impressed to share these texts and thoughts with you.  I do hope you will enjoy this new idea of study and if you feel so inclined, memorize the ones that really help you.  That's what I am doing, it keeps me focused on my goal.  Let's start this day with a text from;
John 12:32 Jesus speaking of His crucifixion;  "And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself."

Commentary from a little book called Gospel Workers.  "Habitually dwelling upon Christ, His exalted character and the all-sufficient merits of His sacrifice, increases faith, sharpens the imaginative powers, strengthens the longing desire to be like Him, increases holy earnestness in prayer that makes it efficacious."

We can all use our faith strengthened, it will help us to imagine just what Christ went through for us, all the pain and torture and His sacrifice was all-sufficient to cover all our sins when we repent of them, and it will increase the earnestness of our prayer life and efficacious means 'the power to bring about the desired result.
Let Him draw you to Himself that this promise will become a reality in your life.  Grandma Joan

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