Thursday, November 13, 2014

Do You Think You Are Hopeless?

We have all been there and suffered from our sins and wayward lives.  None of us are exempt from being a sinner in need of a Savior.  Do you feel that there is no hope for you?  Read on and see....
You might want to read the chapter on the 'woman at the well' in John 4 verses 1-42 in the New Testament. In any case this paragraph should give all of us hope.

DA 194  "When Jesus sat down to rest at Jacob's well,  He had come from Judea where His ministry had produced little fruit.  He had been rejected by the priests and rabbis,  and even the people who had professed to be His disciples had failed of perceiving His divine character.  He was faint and weary; yet He did not neglect the opportunity of speaking to one woman, though she was a stranger, an alien from Israel, and living in open sin.
There may be only one to hear the message;  but who can tell how far reaching will be it's influence.  It seemed a small matter, even to His disciples, for the Savior to spend His time upon a woman of Samaria.  But He reasoned more earnestly and eloquently with her than with kings, councilors, or high priests.  The lesssons He gave to that woman have been repeated to the earth's remotest bounds.
As soon as she found the Savior the Samaritan woman brought others to Him.  She proved herself a more effective missionary than is own disciples."

Do you think you are worthless, hopeless and not worthy to be His disciple?  It doesn't matter to God where you have been or what you have done, He can use you to bring others to Him just like the Samaritan woman who was a stranger, an alien and living in open sin.  Jesus died for us to forgive and restore us to Himself, please let Him do His work in you.  Grandma Joan

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