Wednesday, November 5, 2014

We Have An Enemy

Have you every been assaulted by an enemy?  It could be physical, emotional or Spiritual.  I'm sure all humans have experience some kind of assault, but to be assaulted by God's worse enemy and ours too is another thing, because he is so subtle and we don't often recognize what's happening.  Here is a quote to explain some of it.

DA 126  "Often when Satan has failed of exciting distrust, he succeeds in leading us to presumption.  If he can cause us to place ourselves unnecessarily in the way of temptation, he knows that the victory is his.  God will preserve  all who walk in the path of obedience; but to depart from it is to venture on Satan's ground.  There we are sure to fall.  The Savior has bidden us, "Watch and pray, lest ye enter into temptation."  Mark 14:38.  Meditation and prayer would keep us from rushing unbidden in the way of danger, and thus we should be saved from many defeat."

Don't lose courage, time is short, we can see all the Bible prophecies being fulfilled all around us, things that we have never seen or heard of until recently are being fulfilled as the Bible has warned us.  Let us study the Word and obey and trust in Our Creator God and we will be ready when Jesus comes.  Grandma Joan

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