Friday, November 14, 2014

The Nobleman

This quote is based on John 4:43-54, so if you read these few verses first then the quote has quite a bit more meaning, but even then it has a lot of meaning to me and I am sure you will gain the same benefit that I do.  The nobleman was an officer of the King's Service and His son was gravely ill and He came to Jesus with the request to heal his son.  His son was not only healed, the whole family became followers of Jesus.  A very interesting story, please read it if you will.

DA 200  "The father hurries home to greet his son.  He clasps him to his heart as one restored from the dead, and thanks God again an again for the wonderful restoration.
The nobleman longed to know more of Christ.  As he afterward heard His teaching, he an all his household became disciples.  Their affliction was sanctified to the conversion of the entire family.  Tidings of the miracle spread; and in Capernaum, where so many of His mighty works were performed, the way was prepared for Christ's personal ministry.

He who blessed the nobleman at Capernaum is just as desirous of blessing us.  But like the afflicted father, we are often led to seek Jesus by the desire for some earthly good; and upon the granting of our request we rest our confidence in His love.  The Savior longs to give us a greater blessing than we ask; and He delays the answer to our request that He may show us the evil of our own hearts, and our deep need of His grace.  He desires us to renounce the selfishness that leads us to seek Him.  Confessing our helplessness and bitter need, we are to trust ourselves wholly to His love."

Can you do that?  Trust yourself wholly to His love?  I understand that it takes faith to trust in something unseen but in reality we do it all the time.  We can't see the pillars holding up a bridge over a deep river but we still drive over it. We walk over a swinging bridge thats just held up by cable at each end, nothing under it.  We have faith that the food at a deli or other place to eat is not poison, but OK to eat.  Most of us have faith in our car to get us where we want to go.  Jesus said 'if you have faith as a mustard seed', how much faith is that?  A mustard seed is a very tiny seed, Jesus just wants us to believe in Him a little bit and He will increase our faith as we grow in Him.  Our faith will increase as our time with Him increases.  Grandma Joan

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