Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Is Your Cup Empty?

There is a song that my husband used to sing for special music at church when he was asked.  The name of it is 'Fill My Cup Lord'.  It goes something like this:

"Fill my cup Lord, I lift it up Lord, come and quench the thirsting of my soul....."yesterday we talked about being filled, today I would like to share some thoughts that I have learned on being filled with God's Spirit.

Most importantly, we must ask for a filling each and every day.  It is a must if we want Him to lead us minute by minute and hour by hour as the day progresses.  When we are filled with His Spirit, we can expect our thoughts to be in harmony with His thoughts and if our thoughts are in harmony with His thoughts, then we can be sure that when we have good thoughts about anything that we are doing,  that we are in harmony with Him, right?  That's what I have learned.  If we have to make important decisions, He is there to help us do that.

He is there to bless our work, our thoughts, our speech, Life is just a much better way to live with Him than without Him.  He also blesses our relationship with out spouse, our friends, neighbors and any contact that we have during the day.  We are at peace with ourselves and with others.  If we lose that peace, then we know that we have allowed the wall that He has put around us to be broken and please stop where you are and ask God to show you what caused you to lose that peace that He has given so abundantly when you asked to be filled with His Spirit.  He will impress your heart and mind of what it was that caused the peace to vanish.  If it was something you did or said to someone, you need to ask them to forgive you.  Whatever causes our peace to vanish, has to be sin, otherwise if we have asked Him to fill us up with His Spirit, we have the peace that He gives as He fills us.

There is another song that I absolutely love and the title of it  is, 'There Is A River'.  It goes like this:

"There is a river that flows from deep within, There is a river that frees the soul from sin, Come to this river, there is a vast supply, There is a river, that never shall run dry."
This river is the river of God's love and mercy, and there is a vast supply, we can be filled with His fulness day by day as we journey through this life.  Let's ask Him to fill our cup as we lift it up and to come and quench our thirsting soul.  He always answers a prayer like this. How about it?  Want to be filled each and every day?  I do.  Grandma Joan

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