Saturday, January 17, 2015

Stress Anyone? # 5 continued

We have discussed several ways to get rid of the unwanted stress in our lives like, rest, exercise, lots of sunshine, sharing with others and also giving of ourselves and our means if we have it. All of these have been such a great help to me and I am sure my daughter would say the same thing.

There is one important step in getting rid of stress that I have saved, so that I can leave this subject knowing I have done something helpful to all of you who are extremely stressed.  We were extremely stressed and have made great strides in getting rid of it.

Sometimes when we are stressed out to the max it is hard to concentrate on anything that takes using our minds and thinking things out and sorting things out.  That's the way it seemed to be with my daughter.  She would get up in the morning and take her shower and get ready for the day and while she was doing that I would read my Bible and pray and ask God to be with us through the day.  Then while I was taking my shower she would do the same, only maybe not as intense to start with because of her stress point being so high, but she was trying and that's what counts.

When we knew we were about to venture out on a mission we always asked God to bless us and be with us.  I believe He went with us everywhere, we were so blessed to have His presence with us and it seemed that everything we did turned into a blessing of some sort.  We were so blessed to be able to help people that were poorer than we were, and they were so grateful for the help.  Just little things like a tip to the maid that cleaned our room every day, a tip now and then to the gardener, and little things that we thought they would like to eat as a snack.  The waitress or waiter that waited on us when we were having lunch out we would tip, the boy that bagged our groceries didn't get a wage, they just received the tips people gave them and they were always grateful.  One boy at the hotel really blessed us with his big smile and hearty laugh.  He would try to help us speak spanish and we would try to help him speak English, and it was a fun time.

Some fun in life is also a healer, as long as it is clean fun and no one is getting hurt by it.  We just really had a good time with everyone that we associated with.  It was wonderful and all in all the Lord had our healing time all planned out and we thank Him for His healing of our emotions and spiritual needs too as well as other needs that we had.

I believe that most of the things that we learned about stress healing, can be done wherever you might be except for sunshine.  Depending on where you live, sunshine might be a problem, but all the other things that helped us so much are available most anywhere.  Just ask God to lead you and He will if you are sincere and your stress will fly away.  I believe both of us have experienced some important healing that was really needed.  I have always loved my daughter but I learned to love her even more as we fellowshipped together day after day, she became so precious to me, I still spend time with her.
She picked up a flu virus from the family when we got home and I have had the opportunity to help her and it in turn has helped me to stay busy, which is a real blessing to me.  So don't forget the few lessons we learned about stress and try them out, you just might be blessed as we were.  Grandma Joan

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