Sunday, January 11, 2015

I'm Back again, can't stay away from all my blogging friends

It's true, can't seem to let it go.  So considering that God has something to do with it, I'm back again. My daughter took me on a wonderful vacation in the Caribbean Islands.  It was the best vacation I have ever had and so healing to both of us.  She was suffering from stress and so was I and it just did a lot for both of us.

The little island we were on was one half mile wide and five miles long and no crime, we could walk the streets in the cool of the evenings and were perfectly safe.  We were there one month and the weather was in the eighties most of the time.  Had to have a fan on at night to sleep good and and we made many friends, not by name but by sight.  Most of the time I was in my wheel chair but I did try to walk as much as I could and the people came to recognize the wheel chair I'm sure as we only saw three or four the whole time we were there.

We sunbathed on the beautiful beach and the water was not cold but cool, and felt so good.  We went out one day  when the waves were a little bigger and one hit us so hard it broke one of my ribs but it's all well now.  It was fun even when I got hurt.  We had such a good time.  The Caribbean ocean is one of the prettiest oceans I have ever seen, a beautiful turquoise.

The hotel we were in had a nice swimming pool and we sunbathed there too.  The pool was just outside our hotel room.  The gardens around the hotel and pool were kept up very nice and looked so lush and pretty.  There were gecko's around and one Iguana.

The gardener was a little Mexican man, he wasn't young but very sweet and we gave him a tip now and then and some cookies and when we left we gave him a nice gift of peso's and he was so happy, he grabbed me and gave me a big hug. We always tipped our maid and the boys that helped us with our luggage, it doesn't take much to make them happy.

There are not a lot of cars on the island, most people get around on a moped or golf cart.  You can rent either one and we rented a golf cart and toured the island and my daughter gave out color books and pictures to color and color crayons and we decided to give some of our clothes away and it was so much fun.  I gave one lady a pair of  my nearly new pajamas and when she got them she turned  and ran home she was so happy.  It was a very poor village and they were all so grateful.

I want to go back.  But don't know if I ever will but the place and people will always be in my heart.
The only bad thing about the whole trip was the plane ride home.  We had to go to Miami and we were in the air seven hours.  That was a little tough but worth it all.

I hope you enjoyed the little trip to the Caribbean, I probably will mention it often as it will always be in my mind.  I pray that all my bloggers will join with me again and we will study together and get ready to meet Jesus when he comes and then we won't be separated by all those many miles.  We can be neighbors.  See you tomorrow!!   Grandma Joan

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  1. It was nice to read a little more about your trip! Welcome back to the blog world:)