Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Plague

Plague means disease according to the dictionary.  Any disease could be considered a plague, according to that.  But I was thinking not about physical disease.  I read an article about Leprosy the other day and the Author stated from another Author that Leprosy is like a sin plague.  Have you ever thought of sin in that way?

The thoughts that came to my mind as I have pondered the real Leprosy that people had and were put in colonies for, was a terrible disease that they were isolated from family and friends for life or until they were cured.  It would affect their hands and feet, they would lose fingers and toes and sometimes a whole limb or maybe a nose or be blinded.  It was awful!

Then I thought about sin, how it affects our lives, it destroys parts of us a little at a time until the whole body is consumed by it.  Isn't that true, think about it!  First it may be just a thought, then the thought if not controlled becomes an action and the action if not controlled can consume us in what ever manner the plague is.

For me it was appetite, it consumed me, all I wanted to do is make good things to eat so I could eat it and enjoy my sin to the fullest.  Appetite is the hardest thing for a human being to control and it seems to me as the world is more engulfed in sin the harder it is to control.  It will destroy us if it is something harmful that we are indulging in, also it causes us to be overweight, and then high blood pressure and then the heart can be affected and so on.  It's a dreadful curse.

It doesn't necessarily have to be food, it can be drink too, the beverages that one can buy today to so call quench our thirst are loaded with sugar, chemicals and then there is the beer, wine and hard liquors.   All these are destructive to our health and will eat away at our insides in some way or another.  Wine destroys brain cells, and so does beer.  Hard liquors destroy our reasoning while under the influence, we can get mean, hateful, over affectionate, which leads to other sins.  All of a destructive nature.  Then we become addicts, to some kinds of food, some kinds of drink and even some kinds of actions.  I didn't mention caffeine which is addictive to and of an acid nature which can cause ulcers and so can the other drinks.  Also, so can some foods.  With me it was foods that caused heartburn and the heartburn began to eat at the lining of my esophagus until I had a bleeding ulcer, which is under control now but it can cause severe anemia from the loss of blood.

Do you have the leprosy of sin in your life, the best way to get over it is give it to Jesus and He will heal your leprosy just like He did the 'ten lepers' that came to him for healing the only problem was, only one came back to thank Him when he realized that he had been healed.  Will we come and be healed of our sin spots, or will we just enjoy sin for a season and pay a terrible price here and for eternity?  Let's come and be healed and not be like the nine lepers that forgot to say 'thank you'.  Let's not forget to thank Him for His healing power in our lives.  He wants us to be well and happy!
Grandma Joan, See you tomorrow.

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