Friday, January 16, 2015

Stress Anyone? Continued Part 4

Well, here it is tomorrow and we took the ferry to Cancun and the pastor had promised to have a car for us to get around in and he wasn't there, so we sat outside and waited.  He did have a cell phone that I am sure someone supplied him with.  So my daughter called him and he said he would be there soon. We knew it was suppose to be a van that we were going in, so we saw a van pull up and pass us a little ways and we thought that might be him, and it was a dirty van and my daughter made the remark that she hoped the one we were going in would be a little better than that.  Well, guess what?  It was much worse, it was a big old yellow work van that he had borrowed.  He didn't have a car.  It smelled so bad when we got in that I thought I was going to lose my breakfast.  The stench was terrible.  We came to the conclusion that they don't bathe real often because of their living conditions.
He had his family with him, which we didn't expect, but it turned out it was a real blessing.  His wife was dressed very poorly and the only one who was dressed nice was the youngest girl.  The rest had great needs and the youngest probably did too.  She just had on her very best.

We were suppose to go to a store in a mall that was cheaper for the Mexican people and that we did and it was so crowed with clothes hanging on racks, I couldn't get through very well with my wheel chair without pulling everything off the racks.  So they took me out in the mall where I waited for them.  Fun to watch people and the mall was a beautiful, huge mall, big as any I have ever seen here in the US.  We ended up visiting two malls in Cancun, not that day but a previous day.  My daughter has a very giving spirit and she was the one supplying the needs of these people and she ended up outfitting the wife with a couple of nice outfits, and Teacher Ben as we called him with new pants and shirt and the children with new clothes. Teacher Ben was so grateful that he had tears in his eyes of gratitude when she was outfitting his wife. Then we took them to eat at the mall where they have all the Subway, McDonalds and all those places and they each got what they wanted to eat and we enjoyed a nice meal with them.  They ended up calling me the bag lady because I had all the shopping bags piled up on me, they weren't heavy just a lot of them.  It was funny and fun.

By the way, the van got aired out a lot and was tolerable most of the day.  It was a fun day and a happy day, but a very tiring day.  Teacher Ben was going to go back to the island and work some more that evening.  He lives in Cancun and travels back and forth on the ferry to work and home.
That evening he told us later that he sold two tours and was all elated over that, so it was a good thing he went back over to work.  He was so happy with the new clothes he kept saying, 'thank you very much, thank you very much'  over and over and the night before we left he came to our hotel to say goodbye and mostly all he said was, 'thank you very much, thank you very much.'  Talk about being happy and stress free, helping others is one of the best stress relievers there is.  So if you are weighted down with stress, get out and see what you can do for someone else, it is one of the best ways to let stress go.  I will never forget his gratitude, it was overwhelming to me.

Well, there are still other things we did and one very important one that I want to share with you tomorrow.  So hang in there, the best is yet to come.  Get out and help someone less fortunate than yourself and see if it doesn't do wonders for you.  I pray that you will be more than blessed with these ideas on relieving stress.  They really work, and most of them you don't have to be in the Islands to do them them, you can do them right where you live.  See you tomorrow,  Grandma Joan

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