Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No Good Thing.

Do you like good things to happen to you?  I do, I get all excited when things turn out well and even better than I thought.  Sometimes it is a surprise and we are overwhelmed with the way things happen.  

What if no good thing ever happened to you, how would you feel?  It would be so disappointing to always looking forward to something and it turned out that it wasn't good at all.  I have been in both situations and know what disappointments feel like and I also know when a good thing happens what it feels like to be elated over it.  The good things are what keeps us going and when bad things happen we tend to get down in the dumps so to speak.  It is not a good feeling.

My verse today is a good one as usual,  found in Psalms 84:11  "No good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly."  No good thing will He withhold, but there is a condition for this promise, what is it?
From them that walk uprightly.  If you are staying in His presence, you are walking uprightly.  I have found that when something happens to upset me, I just ask the Lord to 'keep me in His presence' and the thing whatever it was becomes insignificant and doesn't bother me anymore.  We can do that with bad thoughts, or mistakes that we make and we can stay in His presence all day long and then we are walking uprightly.

Then it is that 'no good thing will He withhold from them that walk uprightly'.  I love this verse, it really meant a lot to me when I read it this morning.  I hope it helps you to walk closer to God and receive of His promises.  This particular promise is a wonderful promise, but it is not a frivolous promise, it has meaning to the one who is walking with God. So stay in His presence and walk close to Him this day so that He can pour out His good things in your life.

I hope that you are enjoying my worship times that I am sharing with you each day.  They are sure helping me to have a closer walk with God and the promises that I am sharing are bringing new meaning to my life, I hope they are doing the same for you.  May God bless you as you walk with Him.  Grandma Joan

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