Wednesday, May 28, 2014

For The Good of Others

Proverbs 11:25  "The soul of blessing shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered himself also."

MB23  "The merciful, 'shall obtain mercy', there is sweet peace for the compassionate spirit, a blessed satisfaction in the life of self-forgetful service for the good others.  The Holy spirit that abides in the soul and is manifest in the life will soften our hearts and awaken sympathy and tenderness.  You will reap that which you sow.  "Blessed is he that considereth the poor....The Lord will preserve him, and keep him alive; and he shall be blessed upon the earth: and Thou wilt not deliver him unto the will of his enemies. The Lord will strengthen him on the bed of languishing: Thou wilt make all his bed in his sickness."  Psalms 41:1-3.
     He who has given his life in ministry to His children is linked with Him who has all the resources of the universe at His command.  His life is bound up by the golden chain of the immutable promises with the life of God.  The Lord will not fail him in the hour of suffering and need.  "My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.  Philippians 4:19.  And in the hour of final need, the merciful shall find refuge in the mercy of the compassionate Savior and shall be received into everlasting habitations."

We use to do street work on skid row in Portland, Or.  It was so rewarding and we made many friends on the street.  It was an experience I will never forget.  I would love to do it again.  Matthew 26:11 says we will have the poor with us always.  So there will always be work to do for the poor.  I want to serve the poor again as soon as I can.  It is such a blessing to them and more so to me.  Grandma Joan.

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