Monday, May 12, 2014

The Lord's Prayer - part 7

Matthew 6:11  "Give us this day our daily bread."
MB 110  "The first half of the prayer that Jesus has taught us is in regard to the name and kingdom and will of God--that His name may be honored, His kingdom be established, His will performed.  When you have thus made God's will your first interest, you may ask with confidence that your own needs may be supplied.  If you have renounced self and given yourself to Christ you are a member of the family of God, and everything in the Father's house is for you.  All the treasures of God are open to you, both the world that now is and that which is to come.  The ministry of angels, the gift of His Spirit, the labors of His servants--all are for you. The world, with everything in it, is yours so far as it can do you good.  Even the enmity of the wicked will prove a blessing by disciplining you for heaven.  If 'ye are Christ's,' 'all things are yours.' 1 Corinthians 23,21.
     In teaching us to ask every day for what we need--both temporal and spiritual blessings--God has a purpose to accomplish for our good.  He would have us realize our dependence upon His constant care, for He is seeking to draw us in to communion with Himself.  In this communion with Christ, through prayer and the study of the great and precious truths of His word, we shall as hungry souls be fed; as those that thirst, we shall be refreshed at the fountain of life."

Do you need refreshing?  I certainly do.  Let's prayer that our spiritual needs will be supplied as well as our physical needs.  I certainly need all that He is willing to give, don't you?  Grandma Joan

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