Friday, May 9, 2014

The Lord's Prayer - part 4

Matthew 6:9  "Hallowed be Thy name."

MB 106  "To hallow the name of the Lord requires that the words we speak of the Supreme Being be uttered with reverence. 'Holy and reverend is his name.' Psalms 111:9.  We are never in any manner to treat lightly the titles or appellations of the Deity.  In prayer we enter the audience chamber of the Most High; and we should come before Him with holy awe. The angels veil their faces in His presence. The cherubim and the bright and holy seraphim approach His throne with solemn reverence.  How much more should we, finite, sinful beings, come in a reverent manner before the Lord our Maker!
     This name is hallowed by the angels of heaven, by the inhabitants of unfallen worlds. When you pray,
'Hallowed by Thy name,' you ask that it may be hallowed in this world, hallowed in you.  God has acknowledged you before men and angels as His child; pray that you may do no dishonor to the 'worthy name by which ye are called.' James2:7.

Have you every thought of how many times you have heard God's name taken in vain?  I have heard it over and over again and again.  I shudder to think of what my Father in heaven feels when He hears it.  Let's be careful how we speak of our Father and hallow and reverence His name all the time.  Grandma Joan

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