Saturday, April 20, 2013

Another beautiful day has come and nearly gone, I went to church with my daughter and it was a great class discussion and also a great sermon, the pastor really let out his Vital Concern about the condition of the church, the lethargy of communion with God and our Bible study and how sharing our faith means telling what God has done for us in our life.  A really good thought provoking sermon.  It helped me a lot.  I was encouraged to spend  more time with God in the morning and keep my vital connection going throughout the day.

How about you?  Are you lethargic in your walk with God or is it meaningful and full of beauty as you go through each day communing with Him?  I  want that kind of fellowship, don't you?  I believe we will start winning souls to Jesus if we do this.   Of course, love is the center of all Christianity and it is the center of God's heart and should be the center of.  So keep praying that God will send someone across your path to share His love with and you will grow in grace and be bountifully blessed.

Until tomorrow, be blessed.  Grandma Joan

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