Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Faded Glory

Several years ago I bought some yard figurines and have had them in my yard wherever I live and through the years they have faded until some had no original color, others had some but not very bright. Last summer I repainted some of them and they looked so pretty after I got done, at least I thought they did.  Today I worked on some more of them and also a cutout that my husband cut for me, it was the last cutout that he made before his illness, so I treasure it and I painted it today too  It's a pink flamingo, at least it's pink now.

I was thinking about how faded and ugly they were and how beautiful they look now and I was also thinking about how faded our lives can become when we become lukewarm in our Christian experience and when we come close to Christ and spend time with Him each morning we become bright and beautiful in our lives again.  When we are obedient to our Father in heaven, we glorify His name through our lives and our influence.

 Have you become faded in your Christian experience, if so paint your character with the original colors and bring back the glory of Christ into your life.  I will pray for you to have this experience, wish I knew your names but God does so work on your original colors and give God the glory that He deserves.   See you tomorrow.  Grandma Joan

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