Friday, April 12, 2013

How To Win Friends.

Most people are concerned about making friends and keeping them.  I have found a secret that really works. I mean really, really works.  It is just one word and such a simple solution to making friends and keeping them and that little word is LOVE.  I am not talking about sentimentalism, I am talking about a deep, heart felt love that lays all of self aside and thinks of others.  This is not something that come naturally, it comes from a heart filled with God's love, when we are filled with His love, our love become like His love, loving no matter what they have done or who they are.

Love is powerful when it is demonstrated the way God demonstrated His love to us through Jesus on the cross.
Do you want to be a powerful Christian, then love like God loves.  Pray to be filled with His love and to demonstrate it.  Love like this attracts, it builds bonds that cannot be broken, it builds barriers against sin, It blooms wherever it is planted.  So plant some love in your family, in your neighborhood, in the church, wherever you go, plant some love.  You will be surprised at how many friends you will make just by loving them and of course love your family, there is so many ways to share your love with others.

So until tomorrow, go and share and see what God can do for you.  I love you, Grandma Joan

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