Thursday, April 25, 2013

Health concerns anyone?

Right now I am battling high blood pressure, but I am getting it down gradually, nearly to normal.  We can take our health into our own hands if we really want to.  I am using garlic and fresh vegie juice that I make and it is coming down and I am so thankful because high blood pressure is a silent killer and I don't think I want to do that yet.

God gave us the best food to keep our bodies healthy and we don't adhere to what He has given us.  Fruits, nuts and grains and after sin entered this world  He added vegetables.  So our diet should consist of plant based foods which if you take it all into consideration there are a lot of foods that we can eat and never get bored with our diet.  Our health would be so much better if we would adhere to plant based foods.  Of course there are other things beside diet that we need to include to have good health.  Adequate sleep each night and exercise of some sort each day.  I fail in the exercise, because of my fragile bones, and muscle problems it is hard for me to exercise, I do a little and rest and a little more and rest.  Now that can get boring.

Then to have real healthy bodies we need the greatest of all and that is 'Trust in Divine Power'.  That should have been the first on my list but never the less it is the most important ingredient in our health program.  I am learning to trust, it is hard sometimes when things are not going like you think they should be, but really that is when we should trust the most.  Stress is relieved when we learn to trust in God.  As I have said before, I am still learning these things and hoping to get it all down pat one of these days.  How about you?

So until tomorrow let us learn to trust in God and not lean on our own understanding and then we can add the other ingredients in our health program and live like we ought to live, a calm, trusting, peaceful and active life and those around us will want what we have.  So be blessed with good health and see you right here tomorrow.   Grandma Joan

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