Saturday, April 27, 2013

Contentment. Do we need to be content?

Am I a contented person?  I wonder how contented I am.  I am always wishing for something to do with my life.  So I am not sure that I am contented with the state I am in.  Like Paul in Philippians 4:11, I would like to be contented in whatever state I am in.  So what do we do to become contented?

I believe, and I am talking to myself again, I seem to do a lot of that lately.  Anyway, I believe that the very first thing we need to do to be contented is place our trust in God and let Him place us where He wants us to be and what He wants us to do.  How do we do that?  Well, surrender our will to Him, I wrote on surrender a while back but it seems to be a big block in our way of being able to trust in God and be contented where He puts us.  I need to surrender every day to His will and be contented with what He gives me to do.  I get bored pretty easy, not being able to do anything that takes exercise or much energy.  Boredom is a real curse to me, I have always been a very active person, worked hard all my life and love the great outdoors, we use to have a mountain behind our house and a couple of my grandchildren and I would hike it every morning and then run back down, it was quite a hike to the top, they loved to hike it with me.  So now that I can't do things like I use to do, it is hard to be contented but I am so grateful that I can do what I am able to do.  God has spared my life through many things and I really do need to be contented with where I am and what I have been given to do.

 I want to put my life in His hands and trust in Him with all my heart and be contented.  How about you?  Are you contented with where you are and what you are doing?  It is important.  It brings peace of mind and joy in the process.  So until tomorrow lets try to be contented and happy where we are and with what we have.  See you then.  Grandma Joan

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