Monday, April 29, 2013


Did you know that your influence is a talent that you can use to help others?  Did you know that our words, our acts, our dress, our deportment even the expression of our countenance, has an influence.  Our influence  can be for the good or for the bad, depending on what path we take.  Throw a pebble in the lake and the circle gets wider and wider until it reaches the other shore.  So it is with our influence, the circle gets wider and wider and where it stops we have no idea.

Let's pray that our influence is for the betterment of humanity because the world we live in needs all the godly influence that we can share with others.  We can be an example in godly influence with our friends and neighbors and those we come in contact with even when we don't know them, we can give them a beautiful smile.

Sometimes when I am shopping I like to smile at people to see if I can get them to smile back at me and it is a fun thing I do and most of the time I do get some great smiles back.  The other day it didn't work so well, I went out to my mail box to get my mail and this lady walked up behind me and stood there waiting, and wouldn't you know it, I dropped my keys and fumbled around, just for an instance and then got my mail and looked up at her and smiled and she didn't act like I was even there.  It kind of left me feeling a little cool and chilly and right then I could see how our influence has a telling influence on others, so I hope I never treat anyone like that, I am sure that I probably have in the past and hope that I never do anything like that again.  I know what it feels like now.

So how is your influence?  Cold and chilly or warm and glowing with God's love.  That's the kind of influence I want to be, how about you?  So until tomorrow be a good influence and warm someones heart.  I know that you can.  See you tomorrow.  Grandma Joan

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