Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Receiving graciously is a blessing.

Yesterday we talked about giving being a blessing and it is so true, that when we give we receive the greatest blessing but today I would like to mention the fact that receiving graciously can be a blessing to the one who gives in love.  I am not sure that I am a gracious receiver but I sure pray that I am.  I know that at times the gift has been so huge to me that all I could do was cry and say thank you.  Those are the times when words will not come to express our appreciation.
                                                                                                                                                                   When I was a little girl probably 12 years old, I learned to say 'thank you the hard way,  a lady at church remembered my birthday and gave me a card with a pretty hankie in it.  I was so very, very timid that the words just would not come out.  My mother was standing there and embarrassed me by reprimanding me in front of her and I just went home and cried and cried because I had been so thoughtless.  To this day I try never to forget those beautiful words, 'thank you'.

Now, how about our gratitude to the One who has given us all the blessings of life, do we forget to say thank you to Him.  We have so much compared to some of the third world countries and yet I am afraid that we are not a gracious receiver and forget to thank Him for all that He has given us.  Then on top of all the blessings of life we receive from His bountiful hand, we can receive eternal life free and clear.  Something we cannot earn, but when we receive His blessings He expects us to glorify His name in our lives, that is all He has asked us to do.  Is it that hard to be a gracious receiver and be a blessing to those around us and glorify Him in our daily habits of life?  After all, He gave His life for us, and the suffering He went through to save us should be enough for us to be His obedient child and be a gracious receiver.

I hope that we can all be a gracious receiver and give praise and thank yous continually because of the  free gifts we receive so bountifully.  So until next time be a 'gracious receiver'.  You will be blessed I am sure.
Grandma Joan.

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