Friday, April 26, 2013

Boundaries, do we need them?

I was thinking today about our lives and why sometimes they seem to get way out of control and I was wondering if it is because we do not set boundaries.  Boundary by dictionary definition is something that indicates a border or limit.  Do I have boundaries that I set to keep things in order around my home.  We can set boundaries that will make life so much easier and under control in just about all aspects of life.  There are so many things that we allow that make life difficult and hard to live with.  Really, it isn't necessary to give in to letting others cross those boundaries but we have to make them known in order for them to realize that there are boundaries to many things.

Children need to have boundaries to feel secure and loved, friends need to have boundaries that cause them not to take advantage of us, relatives need boundaries, otherwise we can become overwhelmed with difficulties that occur because we didn't set some boundaries.  We need boundaries for ourselves, and stick by them.

Does God have boundaries?  I believe that He does and they are called the Ten Commandments.  So you see, boundaries are important and when we have boundaries we are a much happier person.  So my suggestion to you is, set some boundaries and stick by them and see how much happier and smoother your life will become.  Believe me it really does work, I have tried it and not tried it and the tried method makes life so much easier, try it you really might like it.   See you tomorrow.  Grandma Joan

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