Wednesday, April 10, 2013

We all have concerns about life.  It could be our Spiritual life, our health, our emotional well being and our mental awareness.  About our family, our friends, our neighbors and many other things we can find to be concerned about.  We can be concerned about our nation, our state, our town and our neighborhood, and many times for good reason.

It's springtime here where I live and the daffodils, tulips, daisies and ground covers are all blooming as well as my cherry tree.  It's beautiful, and spring rains are just what the flowers need.  I am a flower lover and usually have lots and lots of flowers. It's just beautiful, the rains came just in time to nourish everything that grows, even the weeds which I have removed, for now anyway.

My question for you is, 'Is it springtime in your heart and life?  Are all the weeds pulled and thrown away and the flowers of love, joy and peace abundantly growing?  They need the rain of the Spirit to flourish, It comes from above too, just like the rain on our plants.  I pray that everyone who reads my blog will be blessed with that heavenly rain and the flowers of love, joy and peace will abundantly multiply.
Yours until tomorrow,  Grandma Joan

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  1. WOW Joan! That was quick! Good job! I look forward to reading more and sharing your blog with those I know.