Thursday, July 11, 2013

Unseen Companions.

Did you know that we have an unseen companion that is with us where ever we go.  I have a little story to tell you about an unseen companion, not sure if it was my husbands or mine but it really doesn't matter, it was a wonderful experience.

A few years ago we were traveling over the United States and we were on our way home, we were driving a pickup and pulling a nice travel trailer.  We were going through upper New Mexico and it was all big ranches and sparse homes, mostly none.  We had two gas tanks in the pickup and when one went empty, my husband always filled it when we switched to the other, so we always had a full tank handy.  Well this day we were out in a forsaken part of NM and as far as you could see, nothing, anyway that you looked and our tank started to sputter and spit so he switched tanks and nothing happened. We coasted off the road as far as we could get and he jumped out and got a container and started hitchhiking and no one, I mean no one would even offer to give him a ride.

Finally a car pulled over and told him they would give him a ride to the next town which was at least twenty miles south and that would have left me alone with the truck and trailer, which I was a little nervous about that but didn't complain because what else were we to do?  While he was talking, a police car pulled up behind us and the policeman asked what the problem was and my husband told him and he said, 'no problem, I have a can of gas in the trunk of my car.'  So the people left and it was a scorching hot day and they got the gas can out and came up and put it in our tank and I kept looking at the policeman, his features were so soft and his eyes so gentle and he was so kind and considerate, a man of very few words, I mean few.  He had my husband step up in front of our truck to put the cap back on for safety sake and he looked at me through the windshield and smiled and waved at me.

He walked my husband back to the door and when He got in he shook hands with the policeman and asked what we owed him and he said, 'nothing'. I spoke up and told him, 'your not a policeman, you are an angel and he just smiled and looked at me with those gentle eyes.  We thanked him and he went back to his car and we started ours up and pulled out in the road and there was no police car behind us, it was at least twenty miles both ways and straight as a pin and nothing on the road either way.  Who do you think came to our rescue that day?

The Bible tells us in Psalms 91: 11,12  "He shall give His angels charge over you, to keep you in all your ways."

Hebrews 13:1,2  "Let brotherly love continue.  Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels."

I don't know whose guardian angel it was, it doesn't matter, what does matter is that we did entertain an angel on that hot day out in the desert, his countenance was etched in my mind to this day and I am so thankful that we have unseen companions with us all the time.  That particular day he wasn't unseen, we saw him and he was beautiful, kind, considerate, compassionate, and caring.  I will never forget that day and it happened just like I told you, nothing added to make it fancy or anything, just a plain visit from God through His guardian angel.  Praise the Lord for His protecting care.  It was not a good situation.  By the way we always kept both tanks full after that.

Watch for angels, you may get a visit some day and be sure to thank them.  Thank God too for watching over us so tenderly and keeping us safe.  Grandma Joan

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