Thursday, February 20, 2014

A Tool for Good Health

It seems that everyone has something wrong with their health, it might be something small or something large, either way it's not good.  We need good health, I need good health, do you?  We all desire to have a healthy life but it takes a healthy lifestyle to have a healthy life.  I'm not speaking of what we put into our body today, I am going to tell you of something that will destroy your health, you may have never thought of it.

I saw a little video clip the other day of a preacher talking about people holding themselves hostage in their mindset.  Have you ever thought of that?  His thought was that 'someone in the past 38 years before had wronged them and for 38 years they had been holding on to that wrong and steaming over it and the other person had gone on with their life, made something of their life, while the wronged person was steaming over the wrong for 38 years, it was telling on their life and taking a severe toll on them for 38 years'.

Has someone wronged you 38 years ago?  Or less than 38 years ago and you are holding them hostage in your mind for the wrong they did?  Does it hurt them?  Are they suffering from being a hostage in your mind? I doubt very much if they even gave it a second thought after the hurt was done.  Maybe they didn't even know that they hurt you, worse yet, maybe you took it wrong, at any rate, who is doing the suffering, you or them?  For 38 years you have been fuming and fussing over a hurt that was applied long ago and it has stunted your life, you haven't been able to recover from it.

Some of the hurts that have been handed to us are terrible wrongs and are not lightly spoken of, such as child abuse, sexually or physically.  Maybe a spouse was killed purposely and left you a widow, maybe a child or a loved one was killed by a drunken driver, how about abuse in a marriage?  There are many sane reasons to be upset, a tragedy is a tragedy no matter what happened and of course there are reasons to be upset and to hold on to it, sometimes for years.  But is there a reason to hold on to it for years and destroy your own life over it?

Forgiveness is a powerful word and a powerful tool for good health.  Grudge holding can destroy a life forever if we let it.  Can you imagine holding on to a hurt for 38 years and never letting it go.  Who's doing the suffering?  Really, if you think seriously about it, who is the hostage?  I believe we can safely say that we are.  We have penned ourselves up in a world of bitterness and an unforgiving spirit and we are paying an extreme high price in our health.  It causes our blood pressure to go up sometimes to stroke level, depending on how upset we are.  The stress of it can cause our health to deteriorate, like our digestion, our elimination organs, our heart, and stress is the culprit of our 38 years of harboring whatever it is that is we are hanging on to and have become a hostage to.  (I am just using the 38 years as an example, because it makes it sound real like it really is).

Matthew 6:12  "And forgive us our debts (trespasses) as we forgive our debtors." (those who have trespassed against us.)  Can we be forgiven, if we don't forgive others?  That is an excellent question isn't it?
Forgiveness releases us from a lot of stress and pressure of trying to hold on to something that is ruining our health.  And on top of all that, we have wasted all these 38 years.

Have you wasted a year or 38 years or anywhere in between on something that is gnawing at your soul and ruining your health?  Forgiveness is a powerful tool back to good health.  It is something that does not come naturally, you will have to pray for God to give you a forgiving spirit and let go of it and see the relief that you will feel when you have come to grips with it.  It will be amazing what you can do when you come out of your prison house of grudge holding.  Pray for love to fill your heart for the one who has wronged you, not an emotional love, but a love for their souls and not wishing them harm.  Matthew 6:12 says that we must forgive if we expect to be forgiven.  Dear Friend, I know some of you are hurting to the max over things that have happened to you and I am praying for you to let go of them and let God deal with the thing or person that needs dealt with, your part is to let God give you a forgiving spirit.  Won't you let Him do that for you today?  I will and I know that He will help you too.  Grandma Joan

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