Thursday, February 27, 2014

To spend and be spent.

We all know what it is to spend, specially money.  It's fun for some, it's hard for others and some people are just plain misers and don't spend anything much and survive on very little if anything.  I knew a man years ago that lived in an old broken down house and lived out of garbage cans and dressed like a pauper.  Everyone thought he was poor as poor can get.  Then he died.  Some kids in their late teens decided to snoop around the only house and and shed etc.  At the time my husband worked in an auto parts store and these teenagers brought in their cars and was having stereo's, boom boxes and all kinds of things to upgrade their cars, and someone got suspicious and turned them in and yes it was the teenagers that were snooping around the old house and had found cans of money, and of course they were arrested.  I don't know what became of them, but I would guess they had to make restitution.  They were spending stolen money.

Some people like to spend every penny that they have every month and some people like to put something away every month.

Now 'spent' is another matter, it means 'exhausted'.  Did you know that God exhausted all heaven when He sent is most prized Possession, His Son to save us. He was willing to spend and be spent and He is our example.  In fact when His Son came, His example was the same, He was willing to spend all His life here and His time to heal and save those who came to Him for salvation.  He was also willing to be spent for us.  His life was exhausted on Calvary for us.

Remember He was our example and still is our example.  The example of an unselfish life, willing to spend and be spent for us.  Am I willing to spend and be spent for others?  That is a tough question.  How do you feel about it?  Are you willing.  It takes more than human strength to be that unselfish for others.  But we have God's promise that, "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me".  Philippians 4:13  So we can spend and be spent for Him, can't we?  We can make the slightest effort and Christ will pitch in and do the rest, sometimes we just have to put our feet in the water first before He steps in and does it for us.

Remember that is what happened at the Red Sea for the Israelites and at the Jordan river when they crossed over both on dry ground.  God is good isn't He? Willing to spend and be spent for us and we can live an unselfish life for others too.  He will step in and strengthen us to do it.  How about it, are you willing?  In a little book I love called, 'Steps to Christ', the author says that we need to be willing to be made willing. I think that is me, I need to ask to be made willing. Sounds good to me.  Grandma Joan.

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