Sunday, December 22, 2013

More of This and Less of That

Have you learned to spend more time with God in the mornings?  I am sure working on it every day, some days I do better than others but as a whole I think I am upward bound.  How about you?  I hope you are spending more time each day in your worship time and with it you will increase in your faith and trust in your God.  In our God.  This morning as I was checking my stats on my blog, I remembered that the highest views I have had in one day was 44, I just sent up a quick prayer asking God to increase that number today and guess what?  Today I had 49, maybe more by now.  I was so thrilled that I just sat here and thanked Him over and over and I am still thanking Him.

I read a thought in my worship time today that I thought you might like and appreciate.  It went like this:

"More love, more witnessing, more surrender, more energy equals less discouragement and less depression--all this comes from using the secret weapon of personal devotions."  I thought that this was a really profound thought, I never thought of it like that before, but it is so very true.  For me it has been just like that but I just never thought of it like that.

It does lift our spirits up on high when we spend time with God and when He answers our prayers like He did this morning, I was elated.  I have also asked Him to bless my viewers and I know He is and so if you are being blessed, it is in answer to my prayer for you.  I am thankful you are being blessed.

You will receive the blessings of more love, more sharing with others, more surrender,and more energy and less of discouragement and depression,  that is an excellent swap is it not?  I am willing to swap out discouragement and depression for more love, sharing, surrender and more energy and many other blessings too numerous to mention.  God has so much more in store for us that we cannot even imagine.  It will bring us so much joy and happiness if we swap our discouragements and depressions for His blessings.  So what is holding us up?  I hope nothing.  We really have nothing to lose.  So let's do some swapping. More of love, sharing, surrender and energy and less of discouragement and depression.  How about it? Grandma Joan.

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