Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Find No Fault In Him.

I have heard so many, many reasons why people do not want to become a Christian, Here are a few:
1.  I know someone who says they are a Christian that leads a double life, so who wants to be like that?
2.  I went to church and no one even spoke to me.
3.  I know a Christian who treated me terrible.
4.  Some say that the Christians they know, lie, cheat and do all manner of evil to others.

You know what?  The word Christian means Christ like and I doubt that people that do all these bad things are really Christians.  They might be growing Christians and are in the process of being sanctified, because we all have been there in that situation.  Jesus was perfect in all His ways and we are to strive to be like Him and if we are really Christians He will be the center of our lives, Isn't that true?  And someday we will be like Him when He comes to claim us as His children.

Some people will point their finger at a so called Christian but they can't point their finger at Jesus and use His life as an excuse for not being a Christian.  He even gave up His life on Calvary to save them, what else could He have done to prove His love to us.  That was the ultimate sacrifice to save us.  Even Pilate said,
"I find no fault in this man".  So we can't look at Jesus and use His life as an excuse for not being a Christian.

You probably have never heard anyone say, 'I am not going to be a Christian because I don't like what Jesus did.  Please don't get sidetracked into looking at others.  Look to Jesus, He is the author and finisher of our faith and what He has started in us, He is well able to finish, so let's let Him finish the work in us and in others as they need it.  Grandma Joan

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