Sunday, January 19, 2014

Are You Running Away?

Have you ever ran away from anything.  When I was a little girl I ran away from home, I was about 10 years old and I got in trouble for something and so I told my mother I was leaving.  We lived out of town about 5 miles and I would have a long walk to somewhere, I didn't know where.  I walked for about 5 minutes and decided I had it pretty good at home and had better go back and anyway where was there to go, for a little girl.  It wasn't as dangerous in those days but it still could have been a catastrophe.

I did a blog a while back entitled, 'A Relentless Pursuit'  I think that was the title, anyway it was about God pursuing us Relentlessly until he catches us in His loving arms and wraps us up in His love.  I just added that but that is actually what happens.  There was a man in the Bible that tried running away from God and God went to the ultimate to get Him back. You can read about it in Jonah 1.

God came to Jonah and told him to get up and go to Nineveh and preach against their great wickedness and he decided to get on a ship and run away from God, so he paid his fare and boarded a ship to Tarshish  and went down into the ship and went fast asleep.  But God sent a great storm on the sea and the ship was about to be demolished and the Captain found Jonah fast asleep and asked him, 'What do you mean Sleeper? get
up and call on your God, perhaps He will consider us that we don't perish.  You know the story, Jonah told them he was to blame for the storm and to just cast him into the sea and it would be calm again.  So they picked Jonah up and cast him into the sea and the sea became calm again.  Now God had prepared a big fish to swallow Jonah and Jonah prayed from the fishes belly and repented and God caused the fish to spew Jonah out on dry land and he went to Nineveh to warn them of their wickedness.  You can read the whole story.

This shows how far God will go if we try running away from Him.  He will pursue us and catch us in time, it may take years for some of us to let Him catch us but it only took Jonah 3 days and He was ready to obey God's calling.  Can you imagine, seaweed wrapped around him and all the stuff that was in the belly of the big fish and there he was, he had time to think about what he had done and how foolish it was to try to run from God and it is a foolish thing for us to try to do too.  God loves us too much to let us go without trying to bring us back to our senses.

Have you tried to run from God?  Are you running from God now?  Turn around and don't run any longer, He loves you and if you let Him catch you, He WILL wrap His loving arms about you and bring you back to where He wants you to be, just like He did Jonah. Will you let Him?  I know that there are many of you reading my blog most every day, and some of you are running from God.  STOP where you are and turn around and give your heart to Him, you will never be sorry.  Have you noticed the troubles that are in this world today, how crime has increased and how governments are being corrupted, Jesus is warning us by all these things, to come back to Him and if you have never accepted Jesus as your Savior, He is pursuing you and WILL catch you if you will let Him and make your life one of restfulness and give you peace that you have never had before.  It is a wonderful thing.

I have let Him catch me and wrap His loving arms about me and I have found peace and rest in Him.  He is guiding me day by day, sometimes I find myself being a little impatient about my circumstances but then I remember I am to trust Him completely and my peace returns.  How about you?  Will you let Him catch you and do the same for you.  I pray that you will.  Grandma Joan

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