Saturday, January 18, 2014

Growing Up Into Christ

Do you desire to be like Jesus?  I do.  It's my greatest desire.  I am so tired of sin and what it does to a person.  It makes you miserable, you know you are not living according to your conscience and according to the Scriptures, but what do you do to change things?  Well, there is really only one thing to do.  That is to surrender your heart to Christ, but how do you do that?  There are so many questions, perhaps we can look up some answers.

In the Bible the New Heart is referred to as the New Birth.  Unless man is born from above, he cannot be a partaker of the life which Christ came to give.  See John 3:3.  It is God who causes the buds to bloom, and the flowers to bear fruit, it is by His power that the seeds that we plant develop. Do these buds and flowers and seeds grow by any power of their own? No.

And it is the same with us, we cannot grow up into Christ by our own power, we must have His power to
grow.  How do we get that power to grow?  By accepting Jesus as our Savior and spending time with Him each morning feeding on His Word.  Jesus is the bread from Heaven.  See. John 6:32.  So we MUST spend time with Him if we expect to Grow in Christ.  Never, and I say never open His word without asking Him to bless you as you read.  It makes a world of difference in our understanding and comprehension.  And when we do this, it becomes part of us, and He fills us with His Spirit and we start growing up into Christ just as surely as the bud flowers, and the flowers bear fruit and the seed sprouts and grows into maturity, that is the way it happens when we are growing in Christ.  It doesn't happen overnight but it does happen and it happens in different ways and with some people sooner than others, it depends on our sincerity and our longing to be like Him.

Won't  you decide to surrender to Christ and allow Him to come in by His Spirit and cause you to grow and flourish like the plants?  He does it for the plants and He will do it for you.  He is doing it for me and I am no exception, He will do it for anyone who sincerely wants to grow into His likeness.  Grandma Joan

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