Thursday, January 23, 2014

NEVER say never!

I was raised in a Christian church that believed in Trust and Obedience but as I stated yesterday, I got off into the ditch of  'working my way without God's help'.  Every church has offshoots of some kind, people get it in their heads that things are just not right in the church they belong to and decide to start their own church so to speak.  And there were those in our church that did the same thing, all through the years there have been some of one kind or another.

This particular ditch I am going to tell you about I heard about it for a long time, and as the title to my post says, I said, 'I will Never do that, it is way out.  Well, remember, I said that Satan always has traps that you can fall into if you are not studying to show yourself approved.  Well, I fell into it with the help of several people in the church.  First, we were accused of stealing $2000. from a fund that we had charge of and instead of stealing from it we kept putting funds into it.  It was a charity organization that we were in charge of.  Talk about being hurt, we had put our whole life into this church and then this happens.  Well, there was a lady in the church who was into this particular off shoot that I had said NEVER about.  She worked through my husbands parents to convince us to watch a video by the leader of this offshoot.  The first time I watched one, I was ready to smash the TV, but as clever as Satan is, he knew that and so he started my mind into thinking about the way we had been treated and what had been said on that video.  Well, to make a long story short, we joined the Never organization and was in it for four years, and that is where I really learned to be critical.  It wasn't all bad but I will have to say that most of it was.  I never quit loving the Lord and studying and I studied myself right out of it.  It was an awful mess.

I will say this about all offshoots in general, regardless of what church they shoot off of, they are usually covering up the grossest sins that you can think of.  And that was what I was made aware of.  We were put into a ministry that was doing just that.  What an eye opener!  BUT, I will have to say that the fellowship was great among the people.  Not the leaders.  I was put into a subleadership position and we had lot's of fun and fellowship in our little group.  It was one of the greatest times in our lives in that respect, but that is the way Satan works, it's not all bad , and it is not all wrong, only some of it. Be not deceived, God is not mocked.  And we were deceived into thinking this was where God wanted us.

When we finally left, we had a terrible time with going to church again, all we wanted to do was criticize and condemn everything we saw and finally a little church saw our predicament and took us under their wings and we were back home again.

That was the ditch of fanaticism the other ditch was a ditch of my own choosing.  Satan DOES NOT CARE what ditch we fall into, as long as it is a ditch.  That one was easier to climb out of than the other one.  But for some it is not easy to climb out of.  We have to humble ourselves and admit that we have been wrong and that is not easy for some to do.  In fact a stubborn person has to really let God take hold of his stubbornness and help him to rely totally upon God which is what we must all do, but for some it is not an easy thing for them to do.

Being deceived is a terrible ditch to fall into and some people believe it with all their hearts and cannot see truth even when it is shown them.  I pray for them every day that they will see what Satan has done to them.
It is not a life of rest, peace, and joy, like the truth of God leads us into.  Satan plays tricks on us and makes us think his way is truth, and rest,peace and joy but then turns it all into ashes.  So don't be deceived, God is not mocked, whatever we sow, we will reap.  There is no doubt in that, I have reaped what I have sown and so have others, some have never found their way out, or back to God.  You can pray for them every day, you don't have to know their names, there are thousands out there in the same situation.

Please take care of your own Spiritual needs and pray and study to understand truth and stay close to Jesus our Savior and He will see us through all this mess.  I truly believe that He will do just that. Never say never, because we never know what kind of trap our enemy of souls is laying for us.  Just stay close to Jesus is my counsel to anyone being tempted to fall into one of the enemies traps.  We have the truth in the Bible to follow that will keep us safe.   Grandma Joan

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