Thursday, January 16, 2014

Let's Pretend.

When I was a little girl we use to play a game called, 'Let's Pretend'.  You could pretend to be anything that you wanted to be. It was a fun game to pretend that you were someone else.  Maybe it was a dream of what you might become when you grew up.  Let the imagination go wherever it wanted.

I was thinking of applying that to this world we are living in right now.  We could pretend that everyone in it is a Christian, I mean really Christlike.  Can you imagine what this world would really be like.  That would totally eliminate all crime and probably most accidents, it might even eliminate hospitals, because everyone would have a wholesome diet and have a healthy lifestyle.  It might even eliminate doctors and nurses, ambulances, fire trucks, police departments for sure, politics, and you could go on.  I may have gotten a little carried away but all in all it would be a much better place to live, nearly like heaven.

Now think in terms of your personal life, if you became that Christlike Christian because someone shared Christ with you and then you in turn shared with someone and they accepted the same and on and on it would go.  How many more souls would be in the kingdom of heaven if everyone won one.  Would it be worth it?  I can tell you for sure that it would be well worth it.

Now let's pretend we are in heaven walking the streets of gold, because that is what they are, you can read about it in Revelation 21, you can read all about the beautiful city God has prepared for those who love Him.
We keep running into people who thank us profusely for their being there.  Because you see when you win one and they win one it just multiplies.  You may not even know them but in the long run you have made it possible for them to be there, otherwise they would be lost forever.  Can you see how very grateful they would be?  They wouldn't have words to express their gratitude.

I'm through pretending, but I hope you can see the point of how important it is for us to share our faith even if it is just one person.  But of course when we are real Christians we will want to share it with everyone we talk to.  That would multiply enormously, wouldn't it?  I need to get on fire with my Christian experience how about you?  I am trying to do that with my blog, I don't get out very much, in fact seldom.  But the internet is a great place for someone like me to share my faith.  You can do the same or invent your own way of sharing.  God bless you, and someday we won't have to pretend, we will actually be there enjoying eternity with our Savior.  Grandma Joan

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