Saturday, August 26, 2017

If There Ever Was A Time - 9 -

If there ever was a time in history that we need faith and enlightenment, it is now.  Times are not looking very good for the world and even our wonderful America.  We need to be thinking about our spiritual destiny and what happens to us.  We already studied about two classes of people and their destiny, which class do we want to be in.  Please, please study it out for yourselves and take the time to draw close to your maker and repent of your past and spend time in prayer so you will be in the right class of people when Christ returns to take all of us home.  Please be ready!!

"Those who are watching unto prayer and are searching the Scriptures daily with an earnest desire to know and do the will of God will not be led astray by any of the deceptions of Satan. They alone will discern the pretext which cunning men adopt to beguile and ensnare.  So much time and attention are bestowed upon the world, upon dress and eating and drinking, that no time is left for prayer and the study of the Scriptures."  F&W 45

"We want the truth on every point, and we must search for it as for hid treasures.  Dishes of fables are presented to us on every hand, and men choose to believe error rather than truth because the acceptance of the truth involves a cross.  Self must be denied; self must be crucified.  Therefore Satan presents to them an easier way by making void the law of God.  When God lets man have his own way, it is the darkest hour of his life.....But Satan has his agents who are too proud to repent and who are constantly at work to tear down the cause of Jehovah and trample it under their feet.  What a day of sorrow and despair when these meet their work with all its burden of results!  Christ died for them that they might have life.  He opened before them the way whereby they might, through His merits, keep the law of God.  Christ says, 'I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it.' Revelation 3:8.  How hard men work to close that door; but they are not able, John's testimony is, 'And the temple of God was opened in heaven, and there was seen in His temple the ark of His testament' Revelation 11:19.  Beneath the mercy seat, within the ark, were the two tables of stone, containing the law of Jehovah.  God's faithful ones saw the light shone forth to them from the law, to be given to the world.  And now Satan's intense activity is to close that door of light; but Jesus says that no man can shut it Men will turn from the light denounce it and despise it, but it still shines forth in clear, distinct rays to cheer and bless all who will see it."  F&W 45,46

I am sure that everyone who is studying these lessons wants to be on Christ's side, I know I do and I know that times might be tough for us but the reward is greater than any of us can imagine, so let's hang on to truth and share with as many as will listen and help them prepare for heaven too.  A lot of people think we are going to sit on a cloud and play a harp but Christ has told us that He went back to heaven and is preparing mansions for us and it describes all this in Revelation.  Look it up and read it, it is something you will not want to miss out on.  Grandma Joan

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