Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Truth and Righteousness - 13 -

Matthew 5:16  "Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven."
Notice it doesn't say that they may see your good works, and glorify you but to glorify your Father in heaven.  Our works are not to bring glory to us, all credit and glory go to God, always.

"Truth and righteousness must be presented with the love of God as it was manifested in Jesus.  What purity will then be seen!  What a cleansing of every moral defilement will be shown to be necessary!  Then when this is done, the stubbornness of the will which has kept so many away from the light, as they behold the preciousness of the Redeemer, His mercy, and pity, will all be melted away from their souls."  F&W 60

Some questions to ask ourselves: "Will there be one who will retain their stubbornness?  Will there be one who will cling to his self-righteousness?  Will there be one who will not catch sight of the preciousness of Christ?  Is there a heart that will not be subdued by the love of Jesus?  Will any retain one particle of self-esteem?  Why is it that our hearts have been so insensible to the love of God? Why have we had so hard a judgment of our heavenly Father?  We need to come still closer to God." F&W 60

"Then we have talked of the darkness that the evil one has cast upon us, and we have bemoaned our condition: and in so doing, we have only spread the shadow over other souls, and that which has injured us was an injury to them.  As we have uttered our words of unbelief, others have been enshrouded in darkness and doubt."  F&W 60

"We cannot afford to do this work.  We thus put our kind heavenly Father in a false light.  All this must change.  We must gather up the rays of divine truth and let our light shine upon the darkened pathway of others.  Heaven's light shines for those who will follow Christ, the light of the world.  He says: 'He that followeth Me shall not walk in darkness, but shall have the light of life." John 8:12
F&W 60

"We need to drink deeper and deeper of the fountain of life.  I hope that not a soul will be satisfied without making thorough work for eternity, and from this time on may it be seen, both by precept and example, that you are representatives of Christ.  You may have a living testimony to bear: 'Hear what the Lord has done for my soul.'  The Lord is ready to impart still greater blessings."  F&W 61

This study has hit me square in the head, I'm serious.  I've sort of been down and depressed because of pain and being handicapped and not able to get out much and I don't want to spread a shadow over anyone else's life, so have something to repent of, more than that too.  What about you?  Did this help you in any way.  I sure hope so.  I never want to cast any false interpretation upon what kind of character God has.  I am so sorry.  May God bless you with truth and the strength to follow the light. Grandma Joan

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