Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Thoughts on Humility part 2

Well, how did you do in your first trial at being humble?  Did you put everyone else first before yourself?
Did you esteem others better than yourself?  It might be a tough assignment but worthy of all the effort you put into it and it will make others feel so good to be around you, I'm sure.

My next thought on humility is a 'meek and quiet spirit'.  What do you think about that?  Does it sound hard to do?  My thought on that would be a meek spirit would be someone who puts others first and esteems them better than themselves.  Don't you think?

Then a quiet spirit would be someone who would be a great listener, don't you think?  Are you a great listener?  I really don't know if I am or if I want to hold the floor and do all the talking, I am going to have to evaluate myself on that one, I think I probably listen some of the time and then other times do all the talking, or be thinking of what I am going to say next and not listening to what they are saying.  That doesn't sound very humble, does it?  This is a great lesson for me and one that I am afraid to say I need to learn very well.

So to cap off the thoughts on humility, it is putting others first, esteeming them better than myself and you might call that a meek or humble spirit and a quiet spirit would be a good listener.  So for today, let's practice being meek and listening to what others have to say instead of doing all the talking which a lot of us like to do I'm sure.  Sometimes I get so lonely I probably bore people to death when they come to see me.  I hope not and will have to make sure that I do more listening than talking.  A great idea to say the least.  Let's try it and see if we can't make our world a little better by being a good listener.  Tomorrow more thoughts on humility.
Have a good time trying these ideas out.  It's fun knowing we are becoming more like Jesus, He was the humble One and we want to be like Him.  Grandma Joan

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