Thursday, October 3, 2013

Thoughts on Humility - part 3

Well, how are you doing?  I bet you are doing great on this subject of humility.  It sure makes our world a better place to live doesn't it?  My world is pretty small and so I don't have much to work on  but eventually it should broaden and give me a lot more to work on.

Today's topic is a hard one and I am almost afraid to mention it but it is so important I have to.  Humility is being dead to self, not lifting self up, not getting upset if things don't go our way, manifesting kindness, respect, noble love, generosity , even to those that we consider wicked people or unworthy of our attention.

How's that for hitting us on the head?  WOW!  Did I need that or didn't I?  How about you?  That was a good one, one that is probably hard on our ego  Getting rid of pride, not getting upset if things don't go my way, showing kindness, respect, noble love, generosity to those whom I consider unworthy of my attention or of wicked conduct.  Can I do that?  I am sure that I can with God's help but not on my own.

I think of Jesus humbling Himself, coming from glory to this fallen planet and bowing to the least of these and lifting them up to His stature, the people must have felt good in His presence and knew they were loved.  Isn't that what we should be doing?  I hope that I am responsible for helping to lift you up not to my stature but to His and I hope you know that you are loved and then it is your turn to follow His example and do the same to others.  Can you do that?  How much your little world is being blessed by the things you are learning and I am learning on this simple little word 'humility'.  God bless you as you put it to practice.  Grandma Joan

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