Saturday, October 5, 2013

Thoughts on Humility - part 5

How are you doing with your practicing humility?  Are things better?  Is your life sweeter?  Are you loved more?  I know that Jesus is able to shower you more with His love because you are bringing your life into harmony with His.  I can't say that He loves you more because His love knows no bounds and it is no less and no more, it is just the same, it is us that change not Him.

I have given you some heavy thoughts to work on, I know because I have to work on them too.  But actually I have found that when I pray and ask for His help in these things, I find myself doing them without thinking, so I believe if we are sincere he will come in and make His abode with us and strengthen us to do what we normally wouldn't do.  I works for me and I am sure it will work for you.

Sanctification means to consecrate, and humility is the mark of true sanctification.  If we are truly humble, we will be truly sanctified.  That is a wonderful thought and I believe it is true.  When you have true humility you have victory over your pet sins.  Christ's gentleness is true humility and real humility is depending on God's strength to overcome, not trying in our own strength.  We can't do it on our own power, that is why so many people give up on the Christian life, they are trying to be a Christian without God's power in their life.  It is absolutely impossible to do it on our own.

When I was reading the other day, I found this thought that I thought would be most helpful.  "True religion is founded upon love to God, which also leads us to love one another.  It is full of gratitude, humility, long-suffering.  It is self-sacrificing, forbearing, merciful and forgiving.  It sanctifies the whole life and extends its influence over others."  Isn't that the way we should live?  I believe it is and it is a wonderful way to live.  I have to admit that my life hasn't been like that but by God's grace it will be from now on.  I intend to let God have His way with me, what about you?

In our next study on humility, I want to share some of the blessings from the Bible on humility, I know they will bless you.  So until then, God bless your efforts in leaning on Him for the victories in your life.  I know He will.  Grandma Joan

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