Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Thoughts on Humility

The last few days the word humility has been haunting me at every step and I am not kidding. I figured that God had something special to talk to me about, so I set about studying into the word and I guess I was right, He had a lot to talk to me about and I won't be able to get it all in one study but I will  start with a few facts that I have uncovered and see if you see what I see in this study.

What do you think humility means?  The dictionary says, meekness.  I had the feeling that there was a lot more to it than meekness and I was right this time.  I discovered that humility means putting others first and esteeming them better than myself, this is just a starter, there is so much more and it is so very interesting I must share it.

Do you always put others first?  And do you esteem others better than yourself?  What kind of questions are these you might ask?  Well, for one I don't know if I have ever known anyone that put everyone else before themselves and I don't know if I have ever known anyone who esteemed others better than themselves, but when you think of it, it is humbling to do that and it certainly doesn't hurt us, in fact it really lifts us up above our prideful level.

I don't want to overwhelm you so I won't go any further with this subject than to say it is enough to work on today and to think about today.  I want to be humbly yours to all with whom I come in contact with.  I believe God impressed me to study this out for a reason and we will see what the reason was as I delve deeper into the subject of humility.  Actually, I believe that these two items, esteeming others better than myself and putting others first is enough for one day to contemplate.

So have a great day working on putting others first and esteeming them better  than yourself and we will work on it together and see if we can't make our little world a better place to live.  Grandma Joan

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