Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Vital Ingredient In Life.

Do you feel like your missing out on something, maybe some little area of your life seems to have a void in it? Or maybe you feel like there is a big hole that needs filled and you can't figure out just what it is that you are missing?  This should concern you because any time we have that empty feeling, there is probably something vitally important that concerns us and we need to fill it.

I, personally have felt that void and have been prompted to seek out the reason for it and fill it, sometimes it takes an extremely deep longing for something, we are not sure for what. Let's see if we can discover what it might be.

I named my blog 'Vital Concerns' because I had a lot of 'vital concerns' when I started this blog and I thought perhaps others had the same concerns.  I have tried to cover a lot of them and sometimes twice they seem so vital to me.  Today is one of those days that I will probably duplicate another study but not entirely.

The 'vital concern' that I have right now is 'prayer'.  How much time should I spend in prayer?  How often should I pray?  What should I pray for and who should I pray for?  Is my prayer reaching the throne of God?  Do you think these are vital concerns?  I sure do.

We must have a forgiving spirit when we come to God in prayer, so that we may be forgiven.  Matthew 6:14
We must come to Him in humility and in a repenting, sorrowing spirit.  Luke 18:10-14.
We must come to Him with tenacity or stubborn spirit that won't let go of Him.  Luke 18:1-8.
We must come to Him with persistence, keep on asking and persevering until we receive our answers.  Luke 11:5-8.
We must have an intensity of spirit, a spirit of deep concern and sincere.  Matthew 7:7-11.
We must have confident expectation, expecting an answer.  Mark 11:24.
Oh yes, we must not use empty, pharisaical phrases, phrases that don't mean much or say things in insincerity.  Matthew 6:7.
We must be in an attitude of prayer at all times, in other words, there shouldn't be a moment when we can't reach out to God anytime, anywhere, in emergencies, in temptation, whatever the moment might bring, we should be able to talk to Him as to a friend.  1 Thessalonians 5:17.
Make a prayer list and pray for those on it as often as you feel it necessary.  Daniel prayed three times a day, he made it a point to do that.  We can do the same.  Daniel's life was close to God and I think that might be the greatest void in our lives today, we are so busy and so many things on our minds that we forget to cast all our cares upon Him Who cares for us in all circumstances.  We forget to talk to Him as to a Friend, He is our very best Friend and sometimes we ignore Him, but He doesn't ignore us.  He sees every tear, every heartache, every burden, so let's pray more and let Him take care of all our needs and see if that void in our lives doesn't go away.  It's worth a try isn't it?  I think so.  Grandma Joan

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