Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Healing Jesus - part 5

Have you been enjoying this topic?  I have, it has helped my faith increase and it has helped me understand the life of Jesus so much better.  His life was full of ministering to peoples needs, in fact, I understand that He did more ministering to their needs than He did preaching and teaching.  I have found that if we can help people physically, they will listen to Spiritual things more readily. It was Jesus method and it can be ours.

 This morning I want to zero in on two blind men who were following Jesus and begging for healing.and when Jesus had come into the house where He was going, the blind men followed Him in and said, 'Son of David have mercy on us', and Jesus answered, 'Do you believe that I am able to do this,? and they answered, 'Yes, Lord'.  Jesus said to them, 'according to your faith, let it be unto you.'  And their eyes were opened."

It's one thing to be blind physically, and it's another thing to be blind Spiritually, I believe that Spiritual blindness is worse because it affects our life here and our eternal life.  Physical blindness has been helped in many ways, with braille for reading, I had a little acquaintance that was totally blind and she said she had it over on us because on cold nights, she could take her book under the covers and read it there and keep warm, a good sense of humor and a sweet lady.  Blind people learn to cope, and not become bitter over their circumstance, but Spiritually blind people can become bitter and angry and unsettled in just about everything, when all they really need is the Healing Jesus.  This story was found in Matthew 9:27.

He healed 'demon possessed people' in Matthew 9:32.  Can we become 'demon possessed' today?  We may not wallow on the ground, foaming at the mouth and that sort of thing, but what do you think about a person with a violent temper, a murderer, an adulterer, a liar, all of these things are brought on by Satan, and they need the healing power of Jesus in their lives, don't they?

Another story about Jesus healing is in Matthew 12:9.  Jesus went into the synagogue to worship and He saw a man there with a withered hand, maybe he had had a stroke, I have seen stroke victims that have withered arms and hands and can't use them, so perhaps this was this man's situation, I don't know but to the Healing Jesus, he needed both hands and He said to the man, 'stretch out your arm' and it became whole as the other one.

Jesus was very observant and saw the needs of the people that perhaps we would never notice, but in His tender, loving care, He noticed things like even a withered hand.  Do you think He sees your problems?  Yes of course He does.  He sees it all and He is concerned about it all too.  He feels our pain, our heartaches, our sorrows, and sees our tears and wants to wipe all of this away, but He needs us to come and sit at His feet a little while each day to learn of Him and from Him our duties in this life, so that we can be blessed and be a part of His family here on this earth.  He is still the Healing Jesus and most of all He wants to heal us Spiritually, so we can have a part in His kingdom when He comes to claim us as His people.  Don't you want to be ready when He comes to claim us as His own?  I know that you do and so do I.  So why not let the Healing Jesus into our lives and be blessed with His Spiritual healing and then He can heal us physically if He sees that we will benefit from it. Would you share your healing experience with others and give God all the credit?  That's what He wants us to do, to glorify His name above all names.  Let's cooperate with Him and  let Him do His work in our lives, what do you say?  I want to.  Grandma Joan

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